Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thankful #6 and 1/2 Marathon report

I'm really writing this on Sunday, but it's my thankful for yesterday, so I'm changing the post date.  Just deal with it.

So, I ran a 1/2 marathon.  It is true.  It's also true that I walked a little bit along the way, but that's ok with me.  I'm not a hard-core runner.  6 months ago I wasn't any kind of runner.  And on November 6, I became a girl thatsuccessfully finished a 1/2 marathon.  That is amazing to me.

Because of that, today I say I am thankful for my body.  Often when I go on my longer runs, I end up thinking, "I am doing this with just my body.  There are no levers, no gears, no chains involved.  It is 100% my own body power".  And that is amazing for me.  I am so grateful for a body that works.  Sure, it's not perfect.  In fact, I have a knee that likes to act up, just like it did yesterday, but I can still push through it.  I am so grateful that I can do it.

Bright and early at the starting line with Bekah & Rebecca Hanson (they're sister in laws)

We left our hotel at 5:15 am to get to the starting line for the start at 6:30.  We had to get dropped off at a point about a mile from the start line and walk there.  It was a nice warmup...but maybe we should add that to the total covered that day.  So make that 14.1 miles. :)  When we got to the park to wait for the start, it was 6:10 and they let us know that they start was being delayed until 6:50 (and the marathon start delayed to 7).  The idea of waiting for it to start wasn't that exciting b/c I wanted to just get going, but it went by pretty quickly.

I came prepared for my 1/2.  I packed stuff up in my little runner's pack, pinned my number to my favorite running shirt (don't ask me why my Dirty Dancing t-shirt is my favorite running shirt...just go with it...I can't explain it, but somehow it makes sense, right?).  I charged up my i-pod and even loaded a book on tape on it to listen to as I went.  BUT, I never even put my headphones in.  It was nice to just be there, listening to the sounds of my feet hitting the pavement, of the people around, of the environment.  Just to be totally there.

I talked to a few people along the way.  Many people told me they liked my shirt (of course).  I also did a lot of people watching.  There was one girl that ran near me for quite a while, we passed each other back and forth.  She talked to herself pretty much the whole time.  Whatever gets you through, but it was funny.  I saw another lady in front of me rip some leaves off a tree and stick them in her mouth.  NO idea on that one, but I didn't see her slumped on the side of the road later, so I think she must be ok. :)

By the end I was hurting, but I wanted to finish strong.  I wanted to walk quite a bit at that point but I didn't let myself.  I ran, and when I entered the stadium to round the track to the finish I even picked it up a bit.  I finished with a time of 2 hours and 49 minutes.  I estimated I would finish between 2h30m or 3h...and that's just what I did.

We wore chips on our shoes, so right before you cross the finish line, they have a reader (then another at the finish).  As you cross the 1st reader, it let's the announcer know your name and some info about you.  I came in alone and the man said, "And here we have Trulie Cottman.  I love that name!  Everyone, we have Trulie here with us today (everyone cheered).  Come on in Trulie, so glad you're here."  It was a fun way to end.  Plus, then I got my medal, and that is something I'll treasure.

Me, Camie (who finished the full marathon!) & Bekah

I talked to my brother Zack on Monday and he said, "Tru, it's so crazy that you're going to run a 1/2 marathon.  You're probably the first Cottman in history to run one."  I had never thought of that, but I bet he's right.  It's not something we're naturally inclined to do in our family, but it was a great thing for me to do.  I am so glad I felt inspired to do it.

Will I do another one?  Maybe.  But, not anytime soon.  I'm looking forward to putting in a little bit of variety into my workouts instead of being dominated by running.  Then...we'll see.  I have a feeling I'll want to do it again sometime...and next time I will work harder to not walk at all...sometime. :)

Will I ever do a marathon?  Probably not.  13.1 is good for me.  I really don't feel a desire for more.


Jasmyn said...

You rock! Oh, and? Your teeth look great--it's helping me think that these horrible braces that are hurting my mouth aren't so bad after all. :)

Liz Smith said...

Trulie, this is awesome! I am so happy for you! It really is such a great accomplishment. I know you must have worked super hard for that. Yay!!! :D