Saturday, August 29, 2009


Conversation with a visitor at work:
Nice man from San Francisco: "It's going to be a hot one today, huh?"
Me: "It's only supposed to be 90 today!!"
NMFSF: " 'Only' 90! You must be from around here..."

I guess it is all relative...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just another day...

When you reach the ripe "old" age of 28 and are still single in mormondom, people start to say weird things to you about marriage. Ok, it actually happens before 28, but I think the occurences just increase as time goes by.

Today, alone, I was told the following:
  1. A beloved member of my family told me that I may end up marrying someone with multiple children. It was a little awkward...although I have considered this before.
  2. According to my mom, a woman in our home ward said I will probably be the 2nd wife of a General Authority. Wow. I'm not sure why someone would say that, or even what I should think about that statement, but I know she meant it in a nice way...

On a fairly regular basis (read at least once a week) someone tells me not to worry b/c the Lord is preparing someone special for me...somewhere... Also, I am often told that its "my turn" soon or its "my year". I suppose someday, someone is going to be right when they say that.

Me? I'm living life and not letting my singleness be something that is sad. I trust the Lord. He has a plan. Right now, he wants me here, that's as much as I know. He doesn't usually tell me a lot, just a little and waits for me to do it for a while, then He'll tell me a little more. Frustrating? Sometimes, but my life has been, and continues to be, beautiful, so I'll just keep trusting Him.

I love what President James E. Faust said one time. He was quoting a single friend of his and it symbolizes a part of what I feel:

"When troubled by this single life, that seems to be my lot, I think of all the many men, who's wife I'm glad I'm not."

Word, Pres. Faust. Word.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My family is cool

Lately I've been thinking I should be more social...but then, I live with my family right now, and when I'm here...sometimes they're just too cool to leave...sad really, I mean, I need to spend time with people my age and meet new people, but its hard when you have a family as cool as this:
and this:
and this (yes, that's my dad riding a bike, in the drizzling rain, on Christmas Day, wearing a Cranium helmet):
and a little this (even though he's not technically with us at the moment, it gives you an idea of the "he"=the really tall kid in back):
I wish I could have found pictures of everyone...but this is just a sampling so you can begin to understand.

Cottmans Rule!

Friday, August 14, 2009


So, my 2 youngest sisters, Sierra & Abbie are homeschooled and have been for a few years. They are both in high school, but do it at home. Recently, however, their friends convinced them to give the Del Oro band a try. They have their on days and their off days about doing it, but my parents make them stick with it. I know they'll be glad. I think they secretly already are.
Anyway, last night I volunteered to go pick them up from band practice. They were running late, and I forgot how quickly you can get from my parent's house to the high school. I sat there in my car and waited for them. It was weird to look over at campus. Its the same and yet very different. I have a hard time believing its been 10 years since I was at school there. And yet, its obviously been that long b/c so much has happened in my life.
I'm kind of excited that the girls will be in band, so I have a good excuse for going to some of the football games in a couple months.
How would I describe my high school years? Good times, but I'm glad I've moved on. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

California YSA Conference

I feel blessed to have participated in this great event. I didn't fall in love, so no one get excited. But, I did feel the love of God very strongly. I feel like I've been in a bit of a slump lately, and this weekend of strong Spirit was exactly what I needed right now.
Here are a few things that really stood out to me, and that make me grateful that I was able to participate.
  • It amazes me that I was one of over 11,000 YSA's throughout the entire of state of California participating in the same events at the same time. We stood together, we exceeded goals, and I do feel like we have, and will be blessed for our efforts.
  • In conjunction with the first point, I am amazed at the way we exceeded the goals set before us. In the opening broadcast a few months ago, we watched a video that outlined the goals set for us by the Priesthood Leadership of California. One goal was to have 10,000 attend, instead we had over 11,000. Another goal was to invite a less active or non-member friend to attend with us. As a ward missionary, I can say that we invited on average probably at least 10 every week in our ward alone. I am amazed at the way people stepped up to that challenge. A goal was set for us to do 10,000 ordinances in the temple statewide in the 3 months leading up the conference. As of yesterday, the ordinances that had been counted added up to over 70,000. That amazes me. I can feel the difference this rededication to temple service has made in my life, and I think we can all feel that power.
  • The speakers who taught us over the last couple days had the Spirit with them so strongly. I am grateful for the many, many lessons learned (that I won't bore you on at this time:)).
  • Quite possibly the thing that stood out to me most was the Sacrament today during our Sacrament Meeting. I have such a great love for the Priesthood of God. I will never cease to be amazed of the power I feel as I watch righteous men of God stand together and serve Him, and act in His name. It reminded me of being in the MTC and watching the Elders in my district practice baptizing. Power. I know I was not the only one touched b/c a girl was asked to bear her testimony later in the day and she mentioned this moment as well.
There were many other experiences, but I think that's sufficient for this blog. :) I love this Gospel. I am grateful to be a part of it. I am grateful for the way my life has turned out so far. I can see the hand and wisdom of my loving Heavenly Father in my life. I am grateful for this experience. He knew I needed it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Latenight musings

It's late, but I keep kicking myself b/c I haven't updated my wonderful blog in quite a while...what does that make me? If this were a pet, he would no longer be with us. That reminds me of Mr. Limpett (RIP), except he died of old age.

Anyway, obviously my mind is full of lots of different thoughts and none of them really seem like they are connecting. :)

I was thinking about the unique - some might say weird - or quirky things about me. I do pride myself in earning the honor of being the most normal Cottman, but even I have a few things that some people may not consider "normal".

Here are a few I've been thinking about:
  • I am a picky eater, but over the years, I have picked up some weird eating habits, but I LOVE them. Amongst these is rice and beans with bananas (SERIOUSLY good, give it a chance and I KNOW you'd love it too!), cake with milk on top eaten with a spoon (delicious), and pickles in Ramen noodles. I think you shoudl try them all!
  • I HATE the Ferris Wheel. But, I LOVE roller coasters. Most people can't see the difference, but it is obviously that one you are strapped in nicely while the other you could easily fall to your death as you are not strapped in at all...very unsafe
OK, I can't think of anything else right now, maybe my sleep deprivation has finally caught up with me, so I'll try to add more tomorrow...

Boa noite!