Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just another day...

When you reach the ripe "old" age of 28 and are still single in mormondom, people start to say weird things to you about marriage. Ok, it actually happens before 28, but I think the occurences just increase as time goes by.

Today, alone, I was told the following:
  1. A beloved member of my family told me that I may end up marrying someone with multiple children. It was a little awkward...although I have considered this before.
  2. According to my mom, a woman in our home ward said I will probably be the 2nd wife of a General Authority. Wow. I'm not sure why someone would say that, or even what I should think about that statement, but I know she meant it in a nice way...

On a fairly regular basis (read at least once a week) someone tells me not to worry b/c the Lord is preparing someone special for me...somewhere... Also, I am often told that its "my turn" soon or its "my year". I suppose someday, someone is going to be right when they say that.

Me? I'm living life and not letting my singleness be something that is sad. I trust the Lord. He has a plan. Right now, he wants me here, that's as much as I know. He doesn't usually tell me a lot, just a little and waits for me to do it for a while, then He'll tell me a little more. Frustrating? Sometimes, but my life has been, and continues to be, beautiful, so I'll just keep trusting Him.

I love what President James E. Faust said one time. He was quoting a single friend of his and it symbolizes a part of what I feel:

"When troubled by this single life, that seems to be my lot, I think of all the many men, who's wife I'm glad I'm not."

Word, Pres. Faust. Word.

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Adam said...

Did you just say 'Word' to a general authority? Is that allowed?