Friday, August 14, 2009


So, my 2 youngest sisters, Sierra & Abbie are homeschooled and have been for a few years. They are both in high school, but do it at home. Recently, however, their friends convinced them to give the Del Oro band a try. They have their on days and their off days about doing it, but my parents make them stick with it. I know they'll be glad. I think they secretly already are.
Anyway, last night I volunteered to go pick them up from band practice. They were running late, and I forgot how quickly you can get from my parent's house to the high school. I sat there in my car and waited for them. It was weird to look over at campus. Its the same and yet very different. I have a hard time believing its been 10 years since I was at school there. And yet, its obviously been that long b/c so much has happened in my life.
I'm kind of excited that the girls will be in band, so I have a good excuse for going to some of the football games in a couple months.
How would I describe my high school years? Good times, but I'm glad I've moved on. :)

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