Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emily Visits

I feel like I've been so busy lately...I should really remember to pull out the camera more often. :) I've been having fun, but I feel like...probably...I should stop procrastinating other important buying a dresser so I can stop living out of duffel bags. :) Someday, someday...maybe once Halloween is over next week.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Emily came into town for a visit. It was fun! I miss her, and my other Utah friends too. My roommates really wanted to keep her. They pretty much begged her to stay. :)

We tried to find some fun while she was here...but we did a lot of hanging out, and I dragged her around to family things, etc. She's a good sport. In retrospect, I should have taken her to San Francisco. I still feel really bad that I didn't. For some reason, I thought she wanted to stay around Sac-town...then I found out she still hasn't seen Wicked. I felt awful after that, but I think we still had a bit of a good time. Next time, I promise.

We took a little trip down to Old Sacramento, and learned a little more about Gold Mining:
And a little about schooling back in the day (although mostly we pretended to be in Anne of Green Gables):

I called her carrots:

We took a detour to Candy Heaven and tried some free samples (they really were free, we didn't steal). Then we found this fantastic shop where this happened:
(it's harder than it looks)

We then swung by the Sacramento Temple (aka the Turkey Temple, although I didn't get any pictures of the turkeys)Other things also happened, but I failed to pull out the camera. Probably the most exciting? We tried to go to the Folsom Prison Museum. It was closed, but we discovered a couple things:
a. The Folsom Prison is as old as the Salt Lake Temple (100 years)
b. There is a small village after the guard, before the actual gate...people really live there and the minimum security prisoners keep up their yards
c. If you accidentally drive through said village, you have to have your trunk searched to make sure you're not smuggling any of said prisoners out

Fun times, fun times. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I love October. For various reasons.*
  • It really starts to feel like fall, but its not too cold yet
  • Yummy fall food starts to show itself (i.e. Pumpkin EVERYTHING)
  • General Conference
  • Moving out and having roommates again (okay, this isn't an annual thing, but it happened this October for me)
So, anyway, I've been enjoying my October so far, and I hope to enjoy it more and more as the month goes on...then there's Thanksgiving, then Black Friday, then the Christmas season and all its goodness, then New Year' much to be excited for. Bring. It. On.

I should really charge my camera battery so I can be documenting these things...I promise to include photos in the next post.

Happy Haunting!

*Listed in no particular order