Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I love October. For various reasons.*
  • It really starts to feel like fall, but its not too cold yet
  • Yummy fall food starts to show itself (i.e. Pumpkin EVERYTHING)
  • General Conference
  • Moving out and having roommates again (okay, this isn't an annual thing, but it happened this October for me)
So, anyway, I've been enjoying my October so far, and I hope to enjoy it more and more as the month goes on...then there's Thanksgiving, then Black Friday, then the Christmas season and all its goodness, then New Year' much to be excited for. Bring. It. On.

I should really charge my camera battery so I can be documenting these things...I promise to include photos in the next post.

Happy Haunting!

*Listed in no particular order


Candie said...

I made pumpkin muffins the other day with cream cheese frosting! not as good as pumpkin rolls, but quite tasty.

when are you going to apple hill?

Trulie said...

Sounds yummy!!

We're going next Saturday. Do you want to come? We're getting a group of people to go.