Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankful 14-20

Let the fun continue. I have to say, I am liking this idea so much that I've decided to write down something I am thankful for each day in my journal. I plan on some things repeating themselves, but I want to stop and think back on each day I live and find at least one thing to be thankful for. But, for the blog...I'm going to continue like this for now:

14. Health. I've been sick this week, but still I am thankful for good health. I have a minor disease that is unpleasant at times, but nothing that can't be tolerated and treated. I am so grateful that that is the worst I can say about my health. I am so grateful that I have generally good health. Very, very grateful.

15. An ability to speak another language. I speak Portuguese, and I LOVE it! I also speak Spanish fairly well. I am just so grateful for the opportunities I've had to learn other languages and to use them in my life. Today we had a new girl at church who is from Brazil!  She'll be in our ward for a year.  I am excited to spend time with her and get to practice my Portuguese. Yay!  I think it also helped her feel a little more like home in that someone could speak her native language with her...even though she does speak good English.

16. Friends. Oh am I so grateful for my friends. I have so many, many good friends, and I am grateful for each of them. I am especially thankful for my "Utah friends". There is a special group of girls (you know who you are) that continue to be such good friends to me even when we live all over the country now (and even one in Hungary). They are always there to hear my complaints, to give me comfort when I need it, and to celebrate my joys. I have made good friends since, but those girls and I share something special. I'll be forever grateful for them in my life and that Heavenly Father lead us to each other.

17. Brazilian Food. Random? Maybe. Delicious? No doubt. We had a ward party on Friday where people brought food from all over the world. It was amazing, but I have to admit that mostly I just wanted to eat my Brazilian food...I was craving it all week. I made Feijoada (a bean stew - the national dish) with rice and bananas, Brigadeiros (kind of like a little chocolate truffle...amazing), and Pao de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread Rolls). All. Delicious. LOVE

18. Technology. Not only does the existence of technology mean I have a job, but it just makes my life easier. I recently purchased my first iPhone. I'm loving it. My favorite part is that I have the scriptures and other gospel resources on my phone. I love to read a little in the scriptures, or a conference talk, or something on my lunch break. It is a great part of my day. It is also handy to have when I'm studying my scriptures at night and I want to do a search on on whatever I'm studying, but I don't want to pull out my computer. Perfect.

19. Chocolate. I love chocolate. Possibly love it too much. In fact, I'm going to avoid treats twice a week from now on...but that's another post for another day. Chocolate does bring me happiness though. I really am grateful for it's healing powers.

20. The United States of America. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have been born in this country. I know it was a blessing from the Lord and I am grateful for it. A part of me is Brazilian, but really, I can never deny how American I am. And I am glad. We are more blessed here than we often recognize. I am so grateful for my life here.

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