Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Movie Marathon

As I sit here "taking a break" from working on my research project that's due in 2 days, I am thinking about Christmas movies that I want to watch. Here's on my watch list for the coming month/month & a half:

1st, probably  my favorite Christmas movie (or at least one of my top picks...can't let Christmas go by without watching it):

Home Alone

Dad's favorite that always gets us laughing:

Christmas Vacation

What would Christmas (post 2003) be like without Buddy???!!?!

I've been thinking about this one lately. Funny stuff:
Christmas With the Kranks

This one keeps me dreaming (even though White Christmases have never been a part of my life):
White Christmas

Oh, George Bailey! A must-see every year:
It's a Wonderful Life

A classic I've loved my whole life:
How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Maybe even this version too:
The Grinch

Another childhood favorite:
A Charlie Brown Christmas

Lesser-known family classic:
Trapped in Paradise

I just watched this one a couple weeks ago, but I think I'll probably need to rewatch it soon:
While You Were Sleeping

This one per my roommates suggestion (I don't think I've seen it all):
Jingle All The Way

And there's a good chance I'll throw in a few others along the way as the mood strikes (or the TV brings to my living room). Also, I may likely watch some cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies (the best!)

What would you add?


Jasmyn said...

I love this - thanks for some new ideas, Trulie! I would have to add "Christmas in Connecticut". It's sappy and crazy, but I love it. I think they even have a version in color these days. :)

Trulie said...

Thanks for the idea, Jasmyn! I feel like I should be embarrassed that I've never seen that one. I think it's time to change that!