Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tribute to a Good Man

I know its been a day or two since Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin passed away, but I want to take a minute to write a quick note in regards to this great man. I love the lessons I have learned from E. Wirthlin over the years that I have paid attention to conference talks. His teachings were simple, but echoed profound truth.

I will forever remember the talk he gave in the October 2007 conference (Oct. 6, 2007). The talk was called "The Great Commandment". Here is part of the journal entry I wrote about the experience:

"One memorable part of the conference was during Elder Wirthlin's talk. It was easy to see that he is getting pretty old & his health probably isn't the best. In the middle of his talk, he started shaking badly, but pressed on. Elder Nelson came & supported him as he struggled to make it through his amazing talk on love. It made me think of how very much those men love and support each other and how we need that in all of our organizations. I want to increase in my capacity to love."

Since writing that, as I have pondered again and again on the experience I witnessed that day, I find another lesson that I learned besides that one and the lesson from the wonderful words he shared that day. The apostles amaze me. Here was a 90 year old man SERVING. Never did he stop his work. Long after so many men retire and go about their lives doing as they wish b/c they've "done their part", these men continue to serve. Even when life gets hard. Even when its hard to stand or speak or travel, they continue to do their part supported by the Lord as they go about His work.

Of all lessons learned that day, that is one I will always remember. I want to serve the Lord until the end of my days here on earth and then beyond. I recognize that this is not an easy task, so I am grateful to these men who teach me and lead me and show me that it is possible. I am grateful that Elder Wirthlin illustrated that so beautifully to me that day. I want to be like him. I hope I can come close.

May your season be full of love. :)

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Tabitha said...

Trulie, I also loved that talk. What a great reminder during the Christmas season. I'm so glad you started a blog. I'm excited to keep up with your new adventures in California.