Monday, December 1, 2008

Still going with no camera

So, quite a bit has happened since I've been home and yet, nothing has really happened all at the same time. :) I really wish I had a camera to add some pizzaz to this post w/ some pics...but...maybe someday soon-ish. :)

Here are a few of the happenings:
1. I made it safely to California and unloaded my stuff into one of two places: my parent's house or a small storage unit here in L-town.
2. I went to the Loomis 1st ward (twice) :)
3. I went to the Rockliln 6th ward (the single's ward I will attend here) for sacrament meeting, which was cool, but it will take some getting used to a new ward...
4. I had an interview for a job...still waiting to hear back...still trying to decide if I'll say yes if they offer me a position...more to come on this matter.
5. Hung out w/ extended family on a couple of occasions: FHE last night b/c Dixie was in town and Church and an "after party" on Sunday b/c Zack gave his homecoming talk. :)
6. Went to my 1st cake decorating class with Candie and Mom. That was tonight, it was week should be even more so as we get all started and what-not. :)
7. Applied for lots more jobs...just in case either way (see #4 above)
8. Read a couple books: Ida B and The Lightening Theif
9. Watched quite a few movies, including, but not limited to: Fred Claus, Garfield Thanksgiving Special, Garfield Halloween Special, Love Comes Softly, Love's Enduring Promise, Love's Long Journey, and a few others that my foggy mind can not now remember...
10. Helped make some yummy food (emphasis on only helping...Mom and Dad are much better cooks anyway. ) :)
11. Did the Folsom 5K Turkey Trot w/ Drake, Dad, Candie & Josh...I was a little sore the next day, but I like to think it made up for a lot of the food I ate later that day. :)

Now do you know what I meant by a lot has happened, yet nothing at the same time?

Oh, and also I've developed a stupid, stupid cold...sick!

Happy December!


Candie said...

I am so happy you're back!

Kathryn said...

I feel so sad missing you reading this. But I'm glad you posted it so I have an update. Maybe I should post on my blog more. You make a lot of nothings sound like a lot!
First of all, Did you you like Ida B.? What about The Lightening Thief? It's awesome you did the Turkey Trot! My sister always tried to get us to join her for stuff like that. I never did.

Kathryn said...

I didn't mean that the nothings were really nothing, more that it sounds like you've done a lot and I bet I have too.

Trulie said...

I was not offended Kat. :) Yes, I liked both Ida B and the Lightening Theif. I've had both for so long and have been wanting to read them, so I'm glad I finally had time. I have also read The Sea of Monsters and am almost finished with The Titan's Curse. Good stuff.

And I miss you a lot too!

Bryce said...

I can actually hear Kat's Comments. It was a little weird on this post that most of your movies that you watched had the word Love in the title. Have you turned more sappy than you were in just 1 month of being home? Just Askin.

Miss you Tru!


kura2025 said...

Nothing better than a string of goopy Hallmark movies to pass the time. That's how I usually spend Thanksgiving weekend.

Trulie said...

Somehow I missed both Bryce and Emma's comments on here until now...sorry guys. About the movies...they were a series my mom happened to have here and I had some time, so they roped me in. No sappier than usual. :)