Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mind. Blown.

I feel like I've been learning a lot lately. I think maybe my heart is just in the right place. I can feel change ahead. Not only do I need it, I know it's there on the horizon. So, I've been turning to the Lord a LOT (a lot, a lot) to figure things out. I've learned to recognize these feelings, and it's best to figure things out. :)

Mind Blowing #1
In the last month I have definitely been taught (for the millionth time) a very important lesson:
The Lord Knows Each of Us and what we need.
There is nothing I am more sure of at this very moment in my life. It's a lesson I'm taught over and over again...I'm a little hard-headed sometimes...either that or I just let life drift me away from that truth sometimes.

It's too personal to detail on a public blog that anyone can stumble across, but I had an experience recently where I simultaneously felt chastised and comforted. I know for myself that my life is going EXACTLY as He planned. He has been and always will bless me. I need to stop assuming that he's delaying some blessings. He IS blessing me. He loves me. More than I can understand. And, He will fulfill all of the blessings he has promised.

Mind Blowing #2
I was recently an instrument in the hands of the Lord. I think this happens more than we know, but I'm grateful that this person let me know. It's humbling to be reminded that thoughts are often from a much greater source than my own "good ideas". 

Mind Blowing #3
Although I'd gladly give it up for a family, I am grateful to be able to attend some amazing conferences because I am single. It's a unique opportunity that I try to take advantage of at this stage in my life (especially since I know that the Lord wants me right here right now - see #1). 

This weekend I attended the Silicon Valley LDS Education Conference. I met some cool people, and I received many answers to my prayers. I learned so many amazing things. I wanted to document just a few here.

  • Have "more faith than fear". We'll still have fear at times, we just need to rely on faith and have more of it than fear. - Elder Richard J. Maynes, Presidency of the 70
  • We are woven into stories that affect other people's lives, so we need to the Holy Ghost to guide us. - Elder Maynes
  • Remember, Remember that God loves broken things (dreams, hopes, righteous desires) - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
    • Just hang on through the broken things because God can fix all things
    • Broken clouds -> broken ground -> broken grain -> broken bread -> nourishes man
  • Remember as long as you live that the 1st principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is FAITH - Elder Holland
  • The Children of God are required, by covenant, to sacrifice - Elder Holland
    • Don't flee your chance to make your sacrifice
    • You get the sacrifice back; that's the meaning of resurrection/restoration
  • You're stronger than you thought; you have seeds of divinity within you - Elder Holland
  • Maybe the more you suffer, God loves you more than at any other time in your life - Elder Holland
  • If we truly love God, why not bend to his loving care?
  • Go to the Lord early & often; don't give your priorities mixed up; make certain things non-negotiable
  • We must find joy in the journey no matter the potholes along the way
  • You may be small, but that's a STRENGTH in the eyes of the Lord (like David & Goliath)
  • Be World Class in all that you do
  • Real forgiveness involves a deep understanding that there is evil in the world
  • Sacrifice is what we give up, consecration is what we give (D&C 64:23)
  • The Lord always answers our prayers, just not always in the way we think
  • 2 Nephi 27:21 - The Lord can do his own work, it's our privilege to participate
  • If you're intent on making something happen, you have to be a DOER
  • Don't dwell on failures & spiral down. "fail quickly" - pick self up & carry on
  • Don't wait for perfect. If you like it, go for it.
I promise that is just a few of the thoughts that touched me. :)

And I just wanted to share this video. This was one of the amazing speakers at the conference. He showed this video as part of his portion. I thought it was really fun, so I wanted to share. Happy Sunday!

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