Friday, August 13, 2010

Running Update

Well, I'm still running.  For some reason, the last couple of weeks have been hard, but I've decided I'm going to start telling myself that I enjoy it.  During the day, I find myself looking forward to a run at night, but then sometimes the run itself isn't always what I want to be doing.

I have run outside a few times now.  2 times this week so far.  Turns out I like it MUCH, MUCH more than the treadmill...especially our crazy treadmill.  AND, I'm a lot faster outside, which is nice b/c that fits into my schedule much better.

On Tuesday, I ran 5 miles outside and it was nice.  I ran by a few other people.  One guy raised his arm and gave me a fist pump from across the street.  It made my night.

Lately as I run, I've been listening to Conference talks.  It gives me a chance to focus on what's most important.

Basically, I still don't love running, but I'm getting there slowly.