Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adventure Needed: Ideas Welcome

I feel the need for an adventure.  Any ideas?  I'm looking for all kinds of ideas to choose from.  I feel the need for it.  Plus, I need to take advantage of this time in my life when I have so much flexibility.  HELP!


Bekah said...

I love adventures! I love you! I love adventures with you! I want to come!

Trulie said...

OK Bekah! What should we do? I'll try to think of some ideas too! :)

Jaclyn said...

I love that Bekah is the one that commented because I was going to say that you should go see Bekah. D.C. is fantastic, and no one is more fun that Bekah. If you're thinking more locally, there is a new Walt Disney museum at the Presidio in SF - it's supposed to be fantastic. Hearst Castle near SLO is always a great idea too!