Thursday, November 26, 2009

Preparing for babies

A couple of weeks ago, we had a little get-together for Candie in preparation for the arrival of Thing 1 & Thing 2.  I mean that in the most pleasant, endearing way.  I love them lots, and we thought that'd be a fun theme.  I mean, how often do you even get a chance to have that as an option?  We're just lucky I guess.  We (and by we I mean mostly my wonderful roommate Megan) took lots of pictures, so I'll just put a random sampling on here to show off the festivities.

(their last name is Green in case you didn't know...) :)

beautiful blanket made by Auntie Dee Dee

Dad didn't come to the shower, but he did contribute to the gift...and made sure Mom let everyone know. :)  (it's a pacifier thermometer, and he insisted there were 2 b/c "if they are sick you don't want them sharing pacifiers")

Full body bibs (they even strap around the bottom of the leg)

I can't wait!


Candie said...

it was a fun party! thanks for hosting and spoiling me and the babies :)

Jaclyn said...

So exciting for Candie-- can't wait to see pictures of Thing 1 and Thing 2!