Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

As to be expected, Halloween was a lot of fun.  I seem to just love it more and more every year.  I think the good people of the world need to take back Halloween and make sure it stays fun, yet decent.  It makes me sad to see more and more every year the immodest and inappropriate that comes out of a fun-filled holiday.  I'm glad there are still a few good people in the world that like to have a good time, but don't mistake that to mean that you have to let go of standards and values.  Fun can be had being fully clothed and sober.  Want proof?  They say a picture speaks a thousand words..I'll let them do (most) of the talking... :)

 Me and Kaitlin (the Progressive girl, Flo)

Roommates: Megan as Cledus (Best Costume winner), April as Little Red Riding Hood, Katie as a Greek Goddess, and me as a Rodeo Queen

Group shot love

Presidency shot: Camie as Tina Turner, Me, Summer as Winter, Cledus

This one's for you Can: Thing One and Thing Two as portrayed by the lovely Kirdy and Nathalie

Me, Emily as the Queen of Hearts, Eric as Wayne, Joe as a Jewish singer (I can't remember his name, but apparently he specializes in Hip hop and Reggae mix)

With Bekah as Laughs a Lot Care Bear

I rest my case.

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