Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's beginning to look a little like Fall

I can't even believe how excited I am for fall this year. Usually I dread it, but I think that probably was due to the fact that I lived in Utah and I knew fall would all too soon become winter...and winter=snow...and I do not like snow. So, now that I'm back in Cali, I'm REALLY excited for Fall.

PLUS, Fall=Halloween (I'm using a lot of "equations" in this post...). The 2 people who actually read this blog know this about me, but, I LOVE HALLOWEEN! So, now that its September, I really need to decide what to be for Halloween.

My current top choices:
Statue of Liberty. IE:
Or Olive Oyl (although I'd really have to convince someone to be Popeye) IE:

OR...a Ghost? A la:
What do you think? Opinions? Any other ideas?

(Note: as you can tell, I think this website is really cool: Homemade costumes beat ready made hands. down. Every. Time.)

*the ghost costume is courtesy of Martha Stewart online


Adam said...

you=my favorite

Candie said...

i love fall too! not so much for halloween though. just like the season :)