Tuesday, October 9, 2012

18 Months: An Addendum

I woke up this morning right before my alarm (am I the only one that does this every day? my alarm is really just a formality, I always wake up a couple minutes before it goes off. In fact, somehow my alarm stopped working when I got to the mission field, so I went 16+ months without one and there was only 1 day my whole mission that I didn't wake up on time). As usual, I lay in my bed pondering life. (I know I'm not the only one that does that!). This is usually when I receive many promptings (or in the shower, or driving in my car...pretty much the only times I am alone). Anyway, my thoughts turned to the blog post I wrote the other day, and I realized I forgot something, so I wanted to clarify.

I don't think that everyone should go on a mission. I do know that Heavenly Father knows each of us and what we each need. I needed my mission. It was essential for the life He wanted me to live and what I needed in order to get there. I know many amazing men & women who have not served missions (my own amazing parents are the perfect example). It is not an essential part of being a good saint or mother or father or wife or husband or friend.

But, I hope that more young people consider it now. I loved my mission. I wish everyone could have that experience. I imagine that's what it feels like (except probably stronger) when people get married and all they want is for other people to get married and see how amazing it is. And, just like a mission, not everyone will get married. And that's ok because we each have a personal path in this life and all will be right in the end.

I am a firm believer that each person should pray about a mission if they have the desire to serve. I know that God will answer their prayer and tell them what to do. Maybe that answer will be "no", or "not yet", or "yes", or even "if you want". This applies to all men and women considering a mission. When I first started thinking about a mission and went to talk to my bishop about it, he told me the same thing. I didn't understand it then.  I understand it now. Missions are hard. Every person will need that confirmation that they were supposed to be there while they are on their mission.

Ok, I feel better now. So, on this Tuesday morning, I want to leave you with this thought: You have a Heavenly Father who loves you and knows you and wants to be a part of your life. Pray to Him, listen for His guidance, put your faith in Him, and move forward with whatever he asks of you. This is the key to a happy life.

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