Friday, May 1, 2009

Funny Things Happen at Melt Gelato & Crepe Cafe...

Working at the mall has been an eye opening experience for me and one I will remember my whole life. Here are some surprising happenings off the top of my head of what I experience:
  • I once had a customer insist I call security b/c she was SURE the man walking by was a bank robber b/c he looked exactly like the man she saw on the news that morning...I'm pretty sure nothing happened
  • I am thankful every day that I am no longer a teenager (can also be read "I am thankful every day that I am no longer in high school")
  • I once got a $10 tip...I'm that amazing
  • On a weekly basis I watch the suspicious ATM machine men fill the machine...deep inside I'm a little scared to look at them too much b/c I'm afraid they may attack
  • I get asked at least 572 times a day where the nearest bathroom is
  • Interestingly enough, children can always tell that the gelato is ice cream, but adults sometimes can't quite figure it out. It is not rare to hear: "Is that cake?" or "What is that?", and my personal favorite: "Is that cheese?" (the cheese comment has happened at least twice and I am left wondering what kind of cheese these people eat, and why in the world would anyone want a scoopful of chocolate cheese to munch on in the mall.)
  • People get a little worked up sometimes in line...I will never understand why people think its ok to argue and fight in front of children all for the sake of gelato...really people, its not that big of a deal
  • My favorite comment from a customer was probably, "I tried your ice cream the other day, it's not gelato, it looks like gelato, but its not". Um, ok, thank you sir...enjoy your crepe..
Oh, I know there are more that I can't think of right now. Sigh. It's been fun, and I'm sure I'll have more exciting days to go through before I am blessed to find a grown-up job again...gotta love gelato.

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