Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hiking IN Folsom Lake

So, my dad loves, loves, loves hiking. He really goes almost every day. Sometimes I have time to go with him...I wish I did it more. On Saturday, my sisters and I all went with him. We had fun together. Here are some pics of our adventure... This first picture is Sierra and Abbie making their way through the woods. I love the beauty around sisters are beautiful too!!
I mostly put this pic in here to prove Dad was there. :)

This is the river that usually makes up the lake...You can see how low it
is...sad, but its cool to see the history underneath...hope it doesn't last
too long though. :)

Dad and Sierra walking down what is usually the boat ramp...

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Candie said...

Sweet pictures Tru. That was fun we should do it again sometime. Minus the whiners (I won't name names).